Counselling can help reduce Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & Negative Thoughts.

Hundreds of Sessions
In the past six years of working as a counsellor at Bairnsdale Natural Health, I have helped clients with small issues (indecision), to crisis issues (suicidal thinking). Most of my clients achieve their counselling goal within six sessions. Someone asked me, ‘How can you possibly help someone in crisis reach their goals in such a short time?’. I explained that the work I do with clients is unique and tailor made, as it is frequently based on my two self help books, as well as many therapies. I also have extra ‘psychological tools’, such as ‘The Deep Subconscious Work’, called
Brainspotting (by David Grand. Look it up on YouTube!). Brainspotting can take as little as fifteen minutes, however, the results are astounding! I’ve seen clients overcome childhood ‘mental blocks’, such as inability to be assertive, to deep healing of suppressed grief, all within minutes!

Change your subconscious; Change your life!
Much of my focus in individual therapy is based on changing core belief systems that a client has about themself and their life. These belief systems (life concept and self concept) are buried in the subconscious, and directly impact behaviour, speech and thoughts. I know how to facilitate changes in these subconscious programs, and it is essential for change in a person’s life. If you come for relationship therapy, I will also show you better ways to communicate, argue, as well as highlight areas for improvement.

Counselling is Intense
My role is to listen, conduct a thorough assessment, then give you specific strategies for your issues (homework) so you may resolve the issues as quickly as possible and get on with managing your life well. With 70,000 thoughts per day, the expectation is that you do the homework, so that what I teach you, becomes your new habit, changing subconscious programs, leading to lasting change. I will be kind, offer a cuppa (and keep you well hydrated with water), but I may confront you, and highlight areas of concern. I will be honest, and I will not stop you crying... it is intense!
Counselling works!

Your role is to work hard. Many clients need to feel their feelings, become aware of any incongruence, poor habits, be shown their strengths, heal past traumas, and most importantly of given hope. The intensity of a counselling session often ignites a shift; a change. I love my clients, and we work hard together, as a team. The results are exciting, astounding, and fast!

It's ALL about you...
I am so passionate about helping others that I have spent eight years of my life researching and writing two books:
Honeymooners Forever,  Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide and Are You Listening? Life is Talking to You. You will usually be given one of these as a workbook, when you come to see me. I want you to live the most amazing life that you can possibly live. Your goals, and happiness, is my focus!