Strategies for Sad Days

Author: Phoebe Hutchison  

(c) August 2015 Phoebe Hutchison

We all have sad days, and sometimes, these can turn into sad weeks. We need to do everything we can to help ourselves cope and get through these days.  Following are 12 x simple steps to help you bounce back from your sad days, and become happy and powerful again:


1. Put Yourself First. 
Be kind to yourself by dong what makes you happy, and stop putting others first.
2. Be Grateful. 
Focus on 5 things per day to be grateful for; then keep your mind on everything you are grateful for.
3. Make your Future Fun
Plan exciting future moments to enjoy, such as dinners, events, holidays.
4. Change Negative Thoughts to Positive. 
When you hear negative thoughts in your mind, keep swapping to positive thoughts instead.

5. Feel Free; Act Free. 
Start to feel free, instead of oppressed. Life is for you. Ask yourself, ‘What do I feel like doing now?’

6. Use Calming Self Talk. 
Use self-affirming statements, such as, "I will feel great again tomorrow." "This is temporary."

7. Improve Brain Chemistry. 
Exercise to increase serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, and to reduce stress hormone cortisol.

8. Reward Yourself & Have a Laugh. 
Grab a magazine, watch a comedy, have takeaway food... Reward yourself with fun, not addictions.

9. Sit in the Sun. 
Relax, even for a few minutes, in the sun. Breathe and enjoy the healing benefits of Vitamin D.

10. Listen to Uplifting Music. 
Grab you headphones, listen to 80's music, and have a mini party by yourself at your desk or home.

11. Meditate. 
Calm the mind, re-focus the thoughts, and become strong again, with a meditation CD or download.

12. Take a break. 
Sometimes sad or low energy days are vital to enable us to stand back, away from the fast pace of life, and reflect on what we want in life.  
Note: If you sad days continue, you may have depression, anxiety, or you may be grieving a loss. If so, please consult a doctor, psychologist, or counsellor for more assistance. 

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