Depression: Symptoms, Causes & Recovery

What are the symptoms of depression? 

If you are feeling many of these, you could have depression:

Fatigue / Low Motivation
Persistent negative thoughts
Loss of interest in passions, friends, work/school
Sleep Issues
Weight gain or loss
Low concentration
Suicidal Thoughts
Feeling sad most of the time
Anger at self

Some causes of depression?

Depression is believed to be the results of a chemical imbalance in the brain, that impacts ones mood and body. This imbalance in neurotrasmitters (serotonin and dopamine) can be the result of grief and loss, a poor relationship, feeling oppressed (like you have no freedom), or it could be part inherited, and from poor thought management. It often stems from 'life imbalance'.

How can a counsellor help heal Depression?

Working with clients with depression is one of my specialist areas. In fact, my 2nd book, Are You Listening? was written to help people heal from depression and anxiety. When I am with a client who has depression, I do a thorough assessment (The Crisis / Life Balance Wheel from my 2nd book) to determine how connected client is, how their brain chemistry may be (based on diet/exercise/medication and recreational drugs), how they see themself, how socially connected they are, and I delve into any past traumas/grief, to identify any grief, anxiety, trauma to nervous system. I also check on the state of the clients relationships, as depression can often occur when someone is not assertive, and is feeling 'walked on'.

Why do my Depression Clients recover so fast?

I find that I can help a client recover from depression, and leave suicidal thoughts behind, very fast. Why? How? As my assessments are very thorough, and the tools I give (therapies) are focused and tailor made, the changes happen fast. I also use a technique called Brainspotting, which causes fast subconscious healing. 

Just like Relationship Counselling, Healing from Depression works fast when The Client:

1. Knows why this depression has occured
2. Know what to avoid 
3. Knows what to do (homework) to feel connected to life again... 

I love helping people heal from depression... It's one of my favourite things in life.