Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Phoebe's interviews and articles have featured in:


Huffington Post USA Sep 2016
Marriage Counsellor's Best Advice Ever!
 (Click on link to see the article)

That's life Magazine 2017

Good Health Magazine Jan 2017 - How we rekindled our love

Above - Fall in love and stay in love

Emotional Affairs - Are You At Risk?

Complete Well Being Magazine India - Life with a depresssed partner

Complete Well Being Magazine India 

Complete Well Being Magazine India - 7 ways to help your teenager thrive and survive

Complete WellBeing India - Dont Give up on Love May 2015

Womens Weekly Online - Jan 2012 - Finding balance in the bedroom (Link Here)



There is help for anxiety sufferers 

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Why see a counsellor?

Is your spouse depressed?

The grief process and you

Do you have symptoms of anxiety?

Teenager Strategies

Tough love for troubling teens

How to extend the Honeymoon

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