Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Teenage Counselling

Teenagers live in a very challenging world, with many pressures - both externally and internally.

Teenage issues are made significantly worse with the high probability of:

Black and White Thinking (Very common in teenagers)
Peer Pressure (Their no. 1 need is often to fit in with peers, adding significant pressure)
Expectations of success from self and family
Hormonal Changes

In some instances, teenagers need counselling for serious issues such as:

Low Self Esteem
Eating disorders
Alcohol (binge drinking)
Drug Use
Self harming
Abuse from parents
Suicidal Thoughts
Sexual Abuse
Relationship breaks ups

When I work with teenagers, I do a full assessment to determine how the teenager is going in these critical areas:

Self Esteem,
Physical fitness / Brain fitness,
Emotional management,
and Lifestyle (do they like what they do?).

Working with teenagers is extremely rewarding. I find that teenagers in counselling learn new strategies fast, therefore they change fast. My work is assessment, normalizing thoughts, confronting some behaviours, and supporting them with simple, but effective, therapeutic techniques.

For more information on Parenting Teenagers, please view my youtube video below: