Sex Addiction Treatment and Causes

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Obsessive Thoughts on sexual activities
Having trouble controlling sexual activity
Escalating activities: More partners, more risk, more frequency
Risking work and relationships with sexual thoughts and activities
Neglecting work, family, friends, and self, to pursue sexually related activities
Compulsively carrying out sexual activities, despite a desire to stop

Examples of Sex Addiction

Compulsive Porn watching
​Compulsive masturbation 
Many affairs - Trouble remaining faithful
Risky / unsafe or public sexual behaviour
Obsessive thoughts of a sexual nature

Some Consequences of Sex Addiction

Guilt and Shame
Relationship Breakup due to repetitive infidelity
Problems at work due to obsessive sexual thoughts/porn watching/less productivity at work
Low Self Esteem
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Lack of Concentration
Life Imbalance

Theories around causes of Sexual Addiction

Sexual Abuse in Childhood
'Addictive' brain
Biochemical abnormality
Childhood Trauma or Distant Parent (s) / Attachment Issues
Addicted parent (drugs or alcohol)

Treatment for Sex Addiction

My role as counsellor of sex addicts, is to help the client:
Understand the causes, reduce guilt/shame, stop the activities (using brainspotting), and create life balance again.

I do this by doing the following:

1. Full assessment (to determine life imbalances, self esteem, thought patterns, past trauma/loss, childhood trauma, etc,.)
2. I work on Relationship Therapy, to re-connect client to their spouse
3. I use Behaviour Therapy and brainspotting to increase controls around the unwanted behaviour
4. I use Brainspotting to heal deep subconscious traumas that may be causing overload in the brain/nervous system, causing client to trigger.
5. I compare sex addiction to alcohol addiction and educate client on reward pathways in the brain, brain chemistry and more.
6. I explain the theory around the Disconnect between Limbic System in the brain and Prefrontal Cortex
(This disconnect, while someone is engaged in the compulsion, can cause the behaviour to continue, regardless of the desire to stop).


The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity has defined sexual addiction as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.”