Addiction Program by PLP Solutions

In 2013, while writing my 2nd book, Are You Listening Life if Talking to You, I began creating the above program for counselling clients that provides simple strategies/handouts for rapid healing of the following areas. The Crisis Wheel enables this assessment to be fast so that help can be given quickly.

PLP Solutions (The Passionate Life Program)

These areas are targeted:

Thought Pattern Change
Dominant Subconscious Patterns identification and tools for change (Programs about Life and Self)
Self Esteem transformation
Grief / Trauma identification and therapy
Emotional Management - Specific Tools for Improved Emotional Management and Anger Management
Physiological State Improvement - Focus on Improved Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Substance Education
Relationship Support - Identify isolation, and give tools for improved relationship, using conflict management and much more
Hobbies - Assist client to identify neglected hobbies and educate client on why they need to prioritize themself 
Daily Satisfaction - Establish how connected client is to daily routines, and give client a score (out of 8) which determines where the client is coping / where they need assistance, in their life.

As well as simplified tools to help client recover from, or reduce symptoms of, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Addiction.

With this program, I have seen clients heal rapidly from Depression, reduce anxiety signs, and maintain recovery from addiction, and much more.

This program gives counsellor's A4 worksheets that can help clients understand more about themselves, their depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and addiction.

These simplified concepts from both of my books are now making a difference in the lives of many; once a client knows about brain chemistry, the nervous system, the subcortical brain, triggers, the impact of trauma on the brain/nervous system, and all about why they have addictions, and how to change them, the client heals fast.

The Passionate Life Program simplifies the complicated, is step by step, to allow no wasted time, and is thorough in assessment and reassessment, ensuring client's receive the best possible care.

The Passionate Life Program is brilliant...however, it works best with Brainspotting (created by David Grand) and Brainspotting for Addiction (created by Roby Abeles). These therapies enable deep subcortical work to be completed, so that clients can heal fast, with specific / tailor made goals. 

Addiction Program 

In 2017, I began using the PLP (Passionate Life Program) as the base of my newly created 12 x Step Addiction Program. This program is the cornerstone of so many recoveries from Alcohol, Sex Addiction, or Drugs.

Such exciting work! I LOVE helping clients recover from addiction...and I look forward to teaching these techniques to many professionals, so that many more clients can reconnect to life again...and live in full recovery. 

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