PLP and Addiction Program

Programs Available:

PLP (Passionate Life Program)

In 2013, while writing my 2nd book, Are You Listening Life if Talking to You, I created a program that makes assessment simple, and ensures that a client's healing covers all vital areas. This program helped give me the confidence that I could actually start healing clients from depression...and it healed so many clients! It was so exciting.

The concepts from both of my books were now making a difference in the lives of many. 

Addiction Program 

In 2017, I began using the PLP (Passionate Life Program) as the base of my newly created 12 x Step Addiction Program. This program is the cornerstone of so many recoveries! I add Brainspotting (& Addiction Brainspotting, created by Roby Abeles), and I still stand back in awe as client after client go into full recovery from Alcohol, Sex Addiction, or Drugs. (More recently, I am using these programs, combined with the Brainspotting above, to help those clients with food addiction).

Such exciting work! I LOVE helping clients recover from addiction...and I look forward to teaching these techniques to many professionals, so that many more clients can reconnect to life again...and live in full recovery. Please email me if you wish to know more.

Please find below a short video I made on Brainspotting: