Drug and Alcohol Counselling

What can you expect? 
Firstly, you will be fully assessed to determine your specific counselling needs. 
What areas of addiction are covered? 
I work with clients and families impacted by: Alcohol, Marijuana, Methamphetamines (Ice), Amphetamines (Speed), Heroin, Pills - Oxycontin, MDMA (Ecstasy), and more.  I also work with:  Sex Addiction and Food Addiction. 

Every path starts with a single step. 

The Addictions Program that Phoebe Hutchison has developed includes assistance as follows: 
PLP Passionate Life Program (to improve thought pattern management, subconscious pattern overview/change, self-esteem work, emotional management tools, grief/trauma work, education on brain chemistry, relationship therapy and general lifestyle coping skills). 

In addition to this, this program will assist you to heal past traumas (using brainspotting) to ensure you are grounded enough to continue through to full recovery. 
This work is complex, involves homework, and has been shown to be highly effective in assisting clients to recovery from sex addiction, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. 

This program includes education on the brain addiction, depression and anxiety, and outlines how to improve these areas. 

Change your neural pathways; change the result!  

The program also includes Brainspotting for addiction (Roby Abeles Crocodile Set Up) which is believed to create a neural pathway from the limbic system to the prefrontal cortex - which in short, means that an addict can see the consequences while in a craving! This is such a great change, as often clients with addiction cannot see the consequences of 'using again' while they are in a craving...as once in a craving they are 'in the animal / instinct brain' and they begin to feel powerless. However, this brainspotting for addiction is so powerful...and it only takes less than an hour! I believe it is nothing short of a miracle - I see clients going into recovery, and staying there, the process is fast! 

This PLP Passionate Life Program has been proven to make this path easier. All I ask is that your do your homework, to ensure the behavioural, thought, subconscious, neuropathway and brain chemistry changes can occur :)