Do you need to see a Counsellor
Phoebe Hutchison Author / Counsellor / Speaker

If you suffer from any of the below, allow me to help you.

  1. You have repetitive, negative thoughts

  2. You avoid people, places, or activities, out of fear

  3. You feel oppressed, trapped, or powerless in your life

  4. You can't find solutions to your problems

  5. Your relationship is often a struggle

  6. You feel like you don't ‘fit in’

  7. You have lost hope and may have suicidal thoughts

  8. You are often frustrated and feel like screaming  

  9. Your past traumas haunt you daily

  10. You have indecision or procrastination

  11. You overuse alcohol, drugs, porn, or games, to escape life

  12. You are constantly fighting with others

  13. You feel stressed or fearful frequently

  14. You need better parenting strategies for your teenager

  15. You no longer like yourself

  16. You are suffering grief from losing someone or something you loved

  17. You feel guilty and ashamed a lot

  18. Your anger is becoming an issue

  19. You often feel ‘triggered’, and unsafe, causing panic

  20. You have depression, anxiety, or PTSD

  21. You feel as though life is a constant challenge; you are overwhelmed

Two Books - One to Improve your Relationship... and One to Improve Your Life!

Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide

will show you (very simply) how to: Improve Communication, Resolve Conflict, Fall back, or stay, in love, Avoid or Recover from an Affair, Maintain Your Independence, Stop being Controlled (if you are), Change the relationship in 1 day!, Reduce Resentment, Improve The Passion, Plan Cheap Date Nights, Parent more effectively, Avoid constant criticism, Cope with the Mother-in-law, Avoid Emotional or Physical Abuse, and much more...

Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU,

will show you how to: 
Love your unique qualities, and why this is so vital, Learn to listen (and interpret) your: self, intuition, thoughts, emotions, body, instincts, relationships, passions and love, time and money, and coincidences and the universal laws.

In Are You Listening? Life is Talking to YOU, I describe how th
ere are two different worlds…

The world where we listen to life, and the world where we don't. 

When we don't listen, we believe in limitations, we fear the future, we feel frustrated, stressed and angry. When we listen to (and interpret) life's messages, we see and appreciate the miracles, experience transformations and healings, feel more safe and supported by life, and we see a world with endless possibilities... We start to see our purpose, and we begin to feel connected... We can see the dots; where we have been and where we need to go. Life is a dance. The reality we live in is three things:

What we believe about life
What we believe about ourself
How we interpret our events

Our perception is our reality.

I simply show you in this book, why changing your perception will change your life...and how you can easily change this perception - and listen to life.


Your marriage has got the potential to be incredible again...But you do need a simple strategy. Honeymooners Forever IS that simple strategy! Your Life can be rewarding and fulfilling...Know what to do, to make the changes...

Get the most out of your awesome union, or the most out of your Life,
with just a few simple steps (and some hard work).

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